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Express support for handling APIs declared using yaschema-api.

// API schema and metadata
// You'll typically define this in a separate package shared by your server and clients
export const postPing = makeHttpApi({
method: 'POST',
routeType: 'rest',
url: '/ping',
isSafeToRetry: true,
schemas: {
request: {
body: schema.object({
echo: schema.string().allowEmptyString().optional()
successResponse: {
status: schema.number(StatusCodes.OK),
body: schema.string()
// Register the API handler with Express
export const register = (app: Express) =>
registerHttpApiHandler(app, postPing, {}, async ({ express: _express, input, output }) => {
output.success(200, { body: (input.body.echo?.length ?? 0) > 0 ? `PONG ${input.body.echo ?? ''}` : 'PONG' });

The options object passed to registerHttpApiHandler lets you override the validation mode and/or specify middleware.

Thanks for checking it out. Feel free to create issues or otherwise provide feedback.

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